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La Luna Perdida – J.Pool

Artwork by: @pacayapacaya
Original track by: @j_pool
Mastering by: @haunted_water
Get the Full Release here:

The young producer, Joseph DeFaria aka J•POOL, originally from the south of Canada, has been living a nomadic lifestyle for most of his adult life. Working in the forests of Canada in the summers as a tree planter, and traveling the rest of the year, Joe started his project “J•POOL” with the goal of creating music that is inspired by the many different natural environments in which he spends his life. His intention is to produce music that will make people move and feel the connection to their innerself and the world around them.

The „Awakening“ EP was carefully composed, blending rhythmic and melodic elements from around the world to form a colourful, meditative collage of sound. Soundscapes of natural environments dance with the instrumentation to create a lush, submersing organic experience,

La Luna Perdida (The Lost Moon) is the tale of a journey, the spirit of a young moon becoming lost and finding it’s place as a celestial body, eventually learning to stand on it’s own with confidence and purpose as an individual, and yet recognizing it’s connection to the whole.