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Kotti D’Azur EP by Freudenthal Musik

Ladies and gentlemen,
fasten your seatbelts, we are shortly arriving at Kotti D’Azur, newly elected capital of the Balearic Islands. Kotti D’Azur marks the eighth release of Heimlich Musik and Captain Freudenthal is starting off a journey into southern areas, coming up with sunny vibes just in time for the beginning of summer. Not considered as easy listening but still sounding very lighthearted, the two original mixes are bringing a new vibe to the Viennese imprint, opening a new chapter of disco sounds with this EP. Mysterious passenger Darpe Ciem is delivering a first-class remix, adding some thrust and causing serious turbulence, while first officer Johannes Klingebiel is pushing the Balearic vibes to the stratosphere. Cabizbajo comes up with his own idea of a safe landing to tighten up the package as a whole, ensuring a proper touch down on festival ground.
released June 28, 2019

Artwork: Vakat
Mastering: Robert Trifunović