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James Bright – World So High by eclectics


The Bournemouth-based Eclectics label begins a new decade with 20/20 vision and the future looks bright. James Bright.

The producer’s second full EP for the label (he also contributed a track for last year’s “Love” compilation) is a four-track affair that puts loose-limbed moves on afro-influenced grooves.

The eponymous title track is a slow-burn belter for the discerning dancefloor. A live-plucked bass and provides a rock-solid reference for guitar, flute and keys to dance around, hips shaking with the freedom and space to move.

It’s music that demands a response – a strong, conversational opener that sets the tone for what follows.

“Transmission Station” builds a bridge between Avalon-era Roxy Music’s shiny pop nous and the eclectic outer reaches of Balearic. It opens up a pathway that “Sula” gratefully sashays down, upping the pace with an insistent NYC groove and 80s shine that never loses sight of the prize.

“Red” takes another step forward, this time into spiritual, uplifting melodies for the body and the soul. Pitched-down disco for ramped up times – it’s a truly progressive medicine for the modern… more
released January 20, 2020