Jakare – Chrysalis (Exclusive Live Set) {Organic House / Folktronica}

Jakare, comprising of Italian duo Lo.Renzo & Halfred, continue to deepen their downtempo world fusion offering to the global dance scene. “Chrysalis” presents 4 tracks including various collaborations that span a wide range of emotions and energies while remaining true to the euphoric, energizing Jakare sound throughout.

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The chrysalis is a symbol of transformation, of the passage into new phases of existence after periods of crisis. The caterpillar must go through a phase of helplessness and disintegration in order to reborn in its most majestic form. The creation of this collection of music is the manifestation of a need to deepen the connection to the inner self through these challenging last years. For Jakare, It has led to a greater alignment with goals as human beings and inhabitants of “planet heart”.

00:00 Jakare (ft Benny Bettane) – Deepening
07:07 Jakare (ft Luna) – Limpia
13:49 Jakare & Iyakuh – Agua de vida
19:51 Jakare -Reborn

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