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Isabella Plantation & Cape Santa Maria by Mandalay Sun

Next up on Real Balearic we take our second trip to island of Cyprus. Mandalay Sun is based on the island and spends his days on the beach and his nights in the studio making music that reflects his sun-filled surroundings.

‘Isabella Plantation’ describes the intrigue and wonderment from gazing at a thousand glorius sunsets. The slow setting Cyprus sun departing over the bay. Slow grooves, shimmering keys and percussive xylophone like keys.

‘Cape Santa Maria’ is driven by layers of smooth keyboard and slick picked guitar. Mellow strings and birdsong float on top and set the scene perfectly for a relaxing dip in a jungle river stream.

Stay tuned for more from Mandalay Sun on the label.
released July 26, 2019

Written & Produced by Mandalay Sun.
Published by Dharma Songs.

(P) & (C) 2019 Real Balearic

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