Global Riddims Volume 4 by NYP Records

Global Riddims prepared another awesome selection of global grooves from the 4 corners of the world mixing Afrobeat & Ethio Jazz with Global Funk & Latin Beats. The album takes you on a virtual world trip from Lagos and Kinshasa to Bogota and Kingston. Compiled by Global Riddims Graphic Design: Arema Arega – credits released February 5, 2021 Haitch & Rhabdomantic Orchestra: The Anthronauts ft Nongoma: The Blassics: The Bombillas: Roforofo Jazz: Eletrique Zamba: Nga Han & The Hi-Flyers: Fokus King: Contento: Cumbiasound ft Lis Flores Varela & Boogie Castillo: Nkumba System ft Mamani Keita: Dekula Band: Andy One: Dandana: NURI: KINSHASA: This is a free download and should be considered as a promotional sampler. All artists, managements and/or record labels gave the permission to publish their song for this album on Bandcamp. If you would like to participate or you have any comments, pls contact us at