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Garifuna Remixed 01: Oonga by Oonga

The Garifuna remix project is a new chapter in the history of Stonetree Records. Having built an incredible catalogue of traditional Garifuna music, and heading towards the 25th anniversary of the label, the timing is right to open the archive to the world. The work that Oonga has done, remixing music from the Umalali project, the Ayó album as well as other songs from the archive, represents a wide body of work touching on many different styles of dance music, all while maintaining a respect for the integrity and soul of the original music. Ranging from the first ever Garifuna reggaeton track to hypnotic deep house, to dubstep smashers and tropical bass explorations, the music resulting from this collaboration is sure to please discerning audiences around the world.

OONGA’s story

I first heard the Garifuna Collective when I was working on communications for a music industry showcase. We were producing a show that would feature Aurelio, and to understand what vibe we were going to create, I listened to the music. Sañanaru. It hooked me in about 5 seconds, and I was captivated. Pretty quickly I was looking online for more and I found the Garifuna Collective, and finally Stonetree Records. I was completely blown away by the… more
released September 15, 2017

All songs originally recorded by The Garifuna Collective for Stonetree Records
all remixes by Oonga
mixed and mastered by Subtone

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