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Future Shock – Volume 5 by Names You Can Trust

At Names You Can Trust, we have always been music-first. We don’t go in for heavy marketing or coercive promotion. The music speaks for itself, and our job is to let it talk. We hope our track record of honest quality is self-evident, as is our commitment to representing a diverse array of artists and collaborating with them equitably. As a de facto representative of many artists of color, and more importantly as humans who recognize the common humanity and worth in all our brothers and sisters, we are compelled at this time of crisis to make loud and clear our condemnation of the racist, fascist systems attempting to subdue and prolong their oppression of our family.

We are donating all proceeds from the release of Future Shock Volume 5 thru 12 June to Brooklyn Defender Services (, a local organization that provides high quality legal representation and related services to people who cannot afford to retain an attorney. Simply put, they are a righteous ally in the fight against a criminal justice system and police force that is thoroughly stacked against black & brown people.

To be clear, this is not simply a monetary gesture. It is a reaffirmation that NYCT will always oppose hate and support the dismantling of systemic oppression. Our chosen weapon, as Fela Anikulapo Kuti put it, is music. We hope you will join us in taking a stand at this crucial juncture in history.
released June 5, 2020