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Five Years of Mawimbi Records by Various Artists

Mawimbi is celebrating the 5th birthday of its in-house record label with a retrospective compilation, shining a light on some of the hidden treasures of its back catalogue.

What better way of showcasing the quality and variety of the Mawimbi Records releases than curating a selection of tracks that somehow fell off the radar of the majority of our dear listeners and supporters? We thought this would be a great way to pay a much deserved tribute to the artists that made us the pleasure to contribute to Mawimbi Records over the past 5 years.

From guitar-heavy dancehall to raving kologo music, through afro-house, Ghanaian drumming music, remixed maloya anthems, electronic tsapiky, mandinka blues : these tracks are all celebrations of the fluidity of musical borders that will make you stop by Mali, Jamaica, Ghana, Amsterdam, Berlin, La Réunion, Madagascar and more …

Thank you, again, for your continued support over the past five years. We hope you will enjoy this compilation and stay tuned for future releases to come!

Artwork by Clément Vincent & Bertrand Cerruti
released May 1, 2020

Onipa – “My Way”, from “My Way” EP (Mawimbi/Wormfood, 2019).
All music composed and performed by Tom Excell
All vocals composed and performed by K.O.G
Mixed and Mastered by Tom Excell

Umeme – “World”, from “Umeme Afrorave” LP (Mawimbi, 2015).
All music composed and performed by Umeme
Vocals and kologo composed and performed by King Ayisoba
Mixed by Dub Creator

Burland – “Me So Love Ya”, from “Tell Me Why You Worry” EP (Mawimbi, 2019)
Written and produced by Tom Burland.
Vocals composed and performed by Adotey Johnson (of Kakatsitsi).
Recorded and engineered by Scott Wade.
Mastered by Cem Oral at Jammin Masters (Berlin).

Loya – “Maddacordion”, from “Corail” LP (Mawimbi, 2018).
Written, produced and mixed by Loya
Accordion by Régis Gizavo
Mastered by Cem Oral at Jammin Masters (Berlin).

Baba Commandant – “Wasso”, from “Wasso” EP (Mawimbi, 2017)
Written and performed by Baba Commandant & The Mandingo Band
Mixe by Camille Louvel
Mastered by Frank Merritt

Onipa – “I Know”, from “Open My Eyes” EP (Mawimbi, 2018)
Vocals performed and composed by K.O.G
Music performed, written and produced by Tom Excell
Mastered by Bob Macc

SSCK – “Tiefaly”, from “MWB000” (Mawimbi, 2015)
Written and produced by Super Djata Band & Adrien Colle
Mastered by Luis Calderon

VS – “Dance of The Harpy”, from “Flamingo Hangover” EP (Mawimbi, 2017)
Written and produced by Umeme & Africaine 808
Mastered by Cem Oral at Jammin Masters (Berlin)

Loya – “Kaloubadia”, from “Tribute to Alain Peters” EP (Mawimbi, 2017)
Written by Alain Peters
Produced and mixed by Loya
Vocals performed by Bastien Picot
Takamba played by Marco Gaoussou Déni Sissoko
Mastered by Cem Oral at Jammin Masters (Berlin)

Hagan – “The Drum”, from “MWB001” (Mawimbi, 2015)
Written, produced and mixed by Hagan
Mastered by Mathieu Berthet at MB Factory (Paris)

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