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Filho do Mar by Afrosideral & Raíces Profundas

Filho do Mar is the second single from “El Olimpo de los Orishas” and is a journey across the oceans that joined Africa and the new world- its children, who were made slaves, carrying with them the wisdom, songs, and beliefs of their ancestors, blending into the narratives of countries like Brazil and Cuba. The song is a tribute to Yemayá, the Yoruban goddess of the sea, and blends elements of Capoeira and afro-brazilian instruments. “Filho Do Mar” is a sweet look into the rest of the album, which explores embodies the massive influence that the Yoruban tradition has on the world and the way we see it through the wildly diverse sounds that have been influenced by it.

Grabado en La Habana, (Cuba). Vídeo @hmngrafik Fotografía @karabina.official Compañía de Danza Raíces Profundas

Listen to “El Olimpo de los Orishas”here