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Cool Purple Air & Bonefish Sail by Mandalay Sun

Next up on Real Balearic we set sail for the Mediterranean Sea. Not for the Balearic islands as our label name may lead you to but to the island of Cyprus. Mandalay Sun is based on the island and spends his days on the beach and his nights in the studio making music that reflects his sun-filled surroundings.

‘Cool Purple Air’ may sound like a Kerouac quote but this track perfectly describes the vista, vibe and vernacular of a slow setting Cyprus evening over the bay. Slow grooves, shimmering keys and lazy guitar.

‘Bonefish Sail’ notches the groove quotient up a bit with the smoldering synth-bass grooves and walking arpeggios. All layered with floating lead lines on washed keyboard and laid-back guitar.

Stay tuned for more from Mandalay Sun on the label.
released March 15, 2019

Written & Produced by Mandalay Sun.
Published by Dharma Songs.

(P) & (C) 2019 Real Balearic

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