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Enter The San by Supersan


The VINYL RELEASE, 300 COPIES LIMITED, comes with a download code for the whole album, including the two digital bonus tracks.
It will be available for shipping via Bandcamp, from France, from the 27th of May, or you’ll be able to buy it from other record stores starting end of April… It’s up to you.

Two years after “Half Man Half Clap” the Greek duo, formed by Panama Cardoon and Mister Kentro, is coming back with “Enter The San”:
a powerful opus, a deep and electronic journey to the high frontiers of North Africa, Southern Europe and the Middle East.
Crafted with an ear towards contemporary appeal, “Enter The San” consists of 10 instrumental tracks with straightforward structures and sophisticated melodies. It typically uses heavy percussion to accent modern and diverse four-beat drum patterns, prominent and often melodic electric bass-lines and distinctive chord progressions. Pop and electronic production and mixing techniques are clearly audible throughout the whole album, harmonically uniting the traditional instruments with the modern string sections and vocal samples chops.
“Enter The San” was mastered at the legendary Exchange studio in London UK, with a mesmerizing portfolio with artists such as Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk, Tricky, or Bjork, just to name a few.
Last but not least, the artwork was conducted by the prolific and talented collage virtuoso Ventral Is Golden.

released April 22, 2019

Guitars on “Argalios” by P-Gial
Keys by Kuppo
Mixed by Kostas “PS.K” Psathas for DiggingSounds
Mastered at The Exchange, London UK