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Ecologia by Ibu Selva

“Ecology without class struggle is gardening” – Chico Mendes,

Ecologia (Ecology): One could say it has a diverse narrative regarding to culture, technical practices, communication, uprising and contradictions. From organic to sampling, digital to analog, from wildfire to social ecology.

“Ecocide” as a project of social organisation is completely related with the capitalist concept of “Necropolitics”. Both concepts aim in everything the possibility of commerce and exploitation.

Ibus come from jungles, some of them born from bushes, others from sand, concrete or water. The newborns are currently being brought to life in this sabotaged and poisoned environment, however , Ibus are organised with plenty of reasons for an uprising.

Searching in it’s first act of transition, “Ecologia” presents the end of this stage of nature’s doom and prepare us for the spring!

The EP “Ibu Selva – Ecologia” talks about transition, as a will to change, to instigate profound feelings, commotion and self knowledge.

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released March 25, 2020

– Production and Mixing: Ibu Selva
– Mastering: GS Mastering & Post
– Cover Art: Juliana Lira (
– Distribution: Musicdeli