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Conquête De l’Oued by Amentia

Sol Selectas is pleased to welcome back French duo Amentia, with 2 original songs on the Conquête De l’Oued EP, which showcases their unique take on organic tribal house music.

The music tells the story of a man taking part in an indigenous “Invocation” ceremony. Hypnotized by medicine, in a dream like state, the percussion rattles his senes of reality, and guides him along a path filled with swirling winds, and heavy storm clouds.

“Conquête De l’Oued “ is when the man awakes from the dream to find his horse, and rides through the desert valleys processing the lessons learned from the elders. Thirst almost overtakes his survival, but he no longer fears death, as the lucid journey has shown him the light.

For the remix we welcome our German friend Noema, who has previously appeared on Summer Sol III, as well as the Vibe Quest Remix LP for Sabo. Noema takes a dirty disco approach and extends the original to an epic 10 minute journey. He focuses on the analog bass elements and creates a dance floor groove monster. On his Darb-i Dub version, he really strips things back, and takes out the melodic synths for a late night disco chugger.

The artwork by Helia Jamali maps out the hallucinogenic adventure

released December 30, 2019