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Chamanic Islands by Manatí

“Chamanic Islands is an EP that describes a state of search. A search of my true geographical, musical and spiritual roots.” – Manatí

“Manatí builds a dreamlike and almost lysergic scenario in “Chamanic Islands” where electronic and meta folklore converge. An EP loaded with sound reminiscences that transports to the Sahara and the Atlas, but that drinks from the Afro-Caribbean rhythm, or the acoustic scenography of the Slow House more ethnic, to complete five comfortably heterogeneous tracks that make up a surprising EP ” — Esteban Rey I.D

released September 8, 2019

All tracks by Manati
Tracks 2 & 5 lyrics and vocals by Nuhr Jojo

Mastering: Juan Selecto
Executive production: Manatí & Folcore Records
Folcore Records website:

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