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Camino de Flores by El Búho

On Camino de Flores, his second full-length album, El Búho reimagines electronic music through the lense of the natural world and its rich soundscapes.

Drawing on the inspiration of traditional rhythms and sounds, notably from Latin America, Camino de Flores is an album that transports you to another place. Following the success of his first LP, titled Balance, El Búho is back and takes us on a journey from high mountains to cascading waterfalls, from a dusky rainforest to a crackling fire beneath a clear, star-filled sky. The album charts a pathway between traditional rhythms, the sound of the natural world, IDM electronica and a deep, enveloping dancefloor sound.

With rhythms, instruments and effects built from field recordings or “found sound”, on Camino de Flores it is often hard to distinguish between synths and drum machines, from birds, water, rain or crunching leaves.
released December 14, 2018

For Keira

All tracks produced by El Búho (Robin Perkins)
Photo by Ailsa Kay
Design by Claudia Smith
Mixing by Roger Cervantes Guillamat
Mastering by Yosi Horikawa

Camino de Flores
Percussions & keys by Pablo Vicencio

Mirando el Fuego
Guitars & Charango by Joaquin Cornejo
Vocals by Alejandra Ortiz and
Violins & Guitars by Hermanito (Matt Dunnet)

Charangos by Julio Vicencio

Bass by Tolga Böyük