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Cafe De Anatolia live at Qualista, Antalya in Turkey


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1.Aliye Mutlu, Majnoon, Erdi Arslan – Demedim Mi -Intro
2.Aliye Mutlu, Majnoon, Erdi Arslan – Demedim Mi_ (Billy Esteban Remix)
3.Bahri Bekil, Cafe De Anatolia – Dark Sirius
4.Yohan & David – Njuum
5.BuVu, Cafe De Anatolia – Awakening (AXL Remix)
6.ÂMÂDO – Divine Strings
7.Dim Angelo & Maria Peidi – Dle Yaman (Billy Esteban Remix)
8.Billy Esteban, 84 Avenue – Black Gold
9.Twooz, Cafe De Anatolia – Red Tree (Tebra Remix)
10.Samet Simsek, Cafe De Anatolia – Nutus
11.Ben Beckman, Cafe De Anatolia – Layos (Rialians on Earth Remix)
12.Savage & SHē, Cafe De Anatolia – Memento (Rialians on Earth Remix)
13.Beije – Esta Noches (Cafe De Anatolia & Rialians on Earth Remix)
14.Ala Chokri, Cafe De Anatolia – Óros

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Eight interesting facts about TURKEY
1. Istanbul is on two continents
2. The story of Santa Claus originated in Turkey
3. Istanbul (Old Constantinople) was founded on seven hills
4. Turkey is the largest producer of hazelnuts
5. The “Evil Eye” is the best-selling souvenir
6. We owe coffee to the Turks
7. The Grand Bazaar has more than 3000 stores
8. Noah’s Ark allegedly landed on Mount Ararat

Antalya is the largest Turkish city on the Mediterranean coast region. Therefore, it is often taken as a gateway to the Turkish Riviera. It is also the capital of the Turkish Mediterranean coast

Thank you for listening, we hope you will have a good time here.
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