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Cara Dura by Acid Coco

The Colombian duo issue a defiant call against sexual harassment with one of their most contagious electro-tropical rhythms yet

A man is on the prowl, expanding his tentacles to touch women; he moves with undesirable naturalness, as and when he pleases, as if he lived in another era; he does not realise that we are watching him; that the party has begun for everyone, but for him it’s over.

Acid Coco pick out this “cara dura” (literally translating as “hard face” but meaning someone who is shameless or inappropriate) from the crowd, and while they are lighting a candle with their music and lighting the party with a contagious rhythm inspired by 80s salsa, they tell this character that this is not how things are done. Through their lyrics they paint the picture of these caras duras who feel they have the right over women, men who defend themselves by saying “don’t be so sensitive”. These caras duras may try and do what they want, but with Acid Coco, the world has changed, for the better.

released December 12, 2021