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Buddy System by Sabo

Sol Selectas is proud to present the 2nd album from DJ, producer, and label founder Sabo. The “Buddy System” is a collaborative effort spanning over 3 years of work.

Sabo recalls taking field trips in elementary school as a child, and how all students were asked to find a buddy. Students held hands in pairs, while traveling from destination to destination, looking out for one another. The album mirrors this concept, with Sabo teaming up with various musician and producer buddies, while touring around the Globe.

The history of each song is a travel diary of Sabo’s stamp filled passport, with musical ideas traveling back and forth across oceans and equators, in order to finalize the projects. One can hear the musical roots of Persia, India, Ancient Greece, Spain, and Jordan, with influence from time spent at his buddy’s studios in Mexico, Switzerland, Argentina, and Berlin. The different backgrounds, cultures, and styles combine to create something unique, and emphasizes the importance of working and creating together – as Buddies.

The artwork by Helia Jamali displays a dreamscape of a wolf pack circumnavigating the galactic Universe. Wolves survive best in packs, each buddy helping out the other. Sabo’s spirit animal is the wolf.

Artwork by Helia Jamali
Mastered by Calyx
released December 4, 2020