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Botanas: Numa Gama by Numa Gama

Shika Shika is more than happy to present a new Botanas single by Brazilian talent Numa Gama from the Voodoohop Collective. In Numa Gama’s words:

“Sounds can transport us in every single way. Right now, we cannot get together so I decided to collect these tracks to give everyone out there the chance to listen and dance. Together still, but in a more diluted spacetime.

This release contains two tracks I used to play a lot on the dance floor, an amazing spontaneous cross remix by Barda and Barrio Lindo, as well as an ambient mix which I couldn’t resist to make at the eleventh hour.
All the sounds were collected from the many recordings I made in Amatlan the Quetzalcoatl, México, in early 2018. Even the echos were extracted from how the sound of the fireworks bounced between the mountains – something you could hear often because of the religious celebrations between November and December. In an improvised home studio, I added percussion, ngoni and guitar layers. The synth sound design for the tracks turned out to have an airy, smooth touch which resembles somehow a West African sounding texture – but from another dimension. As if it was a memory swimming… more
released August 27, 2020

Written & Produced by Numa Gama
Mastering by Rob Small
Photo: Renata Chebel