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blue Dietrich – Les Heureux Tropiques (TTR085) by blue Dietrich

Presenting our newest release, the EP “Les Heureux Tropiques” by Paris based Brazilian blue Dietrich. With 3 original tracks and remixes by Tesfon, Fortunato and Day Out Of Time.

Navigating between different styles of electronic and organic music, blue Dietrich is a formation that proposes a nomad mélange between genders and cultures. Their DJ sets and live performances draw cinematic soundscapes with aerial pads, organic melodies and dreamy harmonies, all kept in continuous flow over the pillars of solid rhythms.
Driven by French-Brazilian producer Felipe Paiva and started in 2019, the group first started as a chill trip-hop quartet, which moved quickly into an “organic” house vibe, and started playing for different local crews in Paris. By the end of 2020, while Covid only allowed the group to play for private small events, the now duo composed by Felipe and singer/DJ Flora Valdona started releasing their own music.

“Les heureux tropiques” (The happy tropics) is a set of sketches from adventures of travelers that come to South America and fall in love with the warm breeze and the vibes we have. In the 3 original tracks, we go from Brazilian bossa, to Cuban son, then latin jazz, each one picturing a moment in the lives of all the people that come and fall in love with this land.


Curated by: Palmer

Cover Art: Juliana Lira

Masters: RHR

released August 26, 2022