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Aleyna by Jack Essek & Stephane Salerno

Jack Essek and Stephane Salerno present their new EP ‘’Aleyna’’ : full of enigmatic vibes from Middle East, enchanting vocals with the collaboration of the amazing voice of Ra*faelle plus groovy remixes from VINZOO, Beatfarmer and Goro.

Aleyna is a story about two magicians joining their universes: two friends from the South of France who came together to create a mystical sonic space where rhythms of the world are mixed like alchemy to craft a mysterious magical story.

In Greek, ¨Aleyna¨ means light; in Celtic, harmony and peace. This EP reminds us of all that we lack today, of this awful isolation of which everyone suffers. We sincerely hope that this music will give you a bit of light in your daily life.
released March 31, 2021