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4Löffelchen by Various Artists

Howdy bird watchers!

By now you might know the drill.
The songs are free, but you need to take them all!

This time, we got a mixed selection of a remix, an original, a cover, an edit, what-have-you… Crazy, right?
And all that for a smile and your attention.

We packed together Gunilla, who made a beautiful interpretation of Koze’s Drone Me Up Flashy, MAUGLI with an original composition that makes your bum-bum go loco, Do You Love Me in a Trap-like reimagination by Echoel feat. Di.Aria and finally a psychedelic, time-dilating edit of Omega’s inexpressible Gyönyhajú lány, thought of by Severin Onderka.
A rich and healthy snack, with all the nutrients you need for this upcoming time of dirty weather and low temperatures.

Enough weird words, now go off, enjoy your free music and tell your friends, to tell their friends, to be our friends.

Peace out & love in!


released November 1, 2018

Artwork by Daniel (Daensen) and Coco (Puninja)
Mastering by Tilmann (Haunted Water)