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Na Quebrada (feat. Rincon Sapiência) by PEDRO

Last summer the Enchufada founder and bossman curated ‘Branko Presents: Enchufada Na Zona’, a collection of tracks that was equal parts compilation, playlist and DJ set that brought together some of the most important producers in global club music right now. PEDRO, the Lisbon-based producer and DJ formerly known as KKing Kong, was among this list of artists with his club anthem ‘Drenas’, a track that went on to ignite dance floors all over the planet, while doing record numbers on streaming platforms such as Spotify, where it reached over 1 million plays in the first month alone.

Enter Rincon Sapiência, Brazil’s fastest rising rap star, who after gaining universal praise with his 2017 album ‘Galanga Livre’ (which was selected as Album of the Year by Rolling Stone and earned him a Breakthrough Artist of the Year on the Multishow awards, Brazil’s biggest music industry awards) jumped on the instrumental to give it a whole new life.

‘Na Quebrada’ unites two different artists at the top of their game coming together to unite their styles in celebration of the thriving and global Lusophone music scene. While PEDRO pieces together Lisbon’s rich rhythmic tradition of bringing African influences to electronic music dance floors, Rincon Sapiência… more
released April 27, 2018