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Weak​(​CMR​-​38) by Seyu,Ground

Vocal & lyrics & Composition & melody by Seyu (

Track& Produced & Mixed By
Ground ( )

Mastered By
Kabamix ( )

Artwork By
Mt.chills ( )
I called a thousand times
I’m not crying
Ain’t that rich of me
On the phone, the line
When I’m down, cross an inch for me
I’m fine, I might fall asleep let it ring on me
And it ain’t easy to breathe

Ain’t I weak with you
Ain’t I weak
The way I call on you
So you can speak to me
Ain’t I weak
Ain’t I
Ain’t I weak

The way you lie, you lie fine
You got something, speak
Got a want to try
Want an Us simple-ly, Be
Try on the phone
Wanna fight
We can fix something
Well I cross ya line, you can say anything to me, shit

Ain’t I weak
I’d rather be

Feeling it all, so
Feeling a move, go
We get a room, so
Living the room, no
When I’m weak
So high, so, when I’m weak

More times, more times, I write
I’m right there, baby you
Hard feelings on your mind
I’m aching pain, say you

Ain’t I weak, so
Ain’t I weak

You get ya own forgiven heart there
Won’t you try to let it all break, for you
So babe
All you got to, for you
So break
All you got to
Get it all there for you
Got to, for you
So true
released March 5, 2021