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V​/​A – Liturgie de L’espace (TTR057) by Tropical Twista Records


“Liturgie de L’Espace” is the compilation that celebrates Tropical Twista Records 4th anniversary in 2019.

We begin this new cycle with a work that reminds us of our roots once again: the search for new musical possibilities, envisioning Brazilian culture and underground electronic music, vintage and multilayered.

In the title, we pay tribute to Jocy de Oliveira, 83 years old, a living reference in Brazilian electronic music. In 1961 she presented “Apague meu Spotlight”, her first electroacoustic multimedia work.

Jocy recorded 19 discs in Brazil and 7 abroad and continues to be the great mother of electronic music in Brazil. “Liturgie de L’Espace” brings 17 tracks that walk through different music styles, from lo-fi to slow house, by both new and consecrated artists. The main idea behind this compilation was to bring something to be listened outside the dance floor.

Music to listen to in your house, with friends, to listen to while you study, cook, chat and appreciating every track, selected specially by Felipe MD, curator and founder of the label.

This compilation is dedicated to my beloved grandma <3 released July 25, 2019