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V​.​A. “Daniel Haaksman Presents 15 Years Of Man Recordings” by Various Artists

We can hardly believe it ourselves, but our little label just turned fifteen. In human terms it would mean we´re teenagers in full swing, in dance music terms it´s like we´re silver agers. In the fast paced world of dance we´ve seen a lot of trends come and go. We´ve also seen artist careers rising quickly to the top and then suddenly crumbling. And despite the profound changes in the musical landscape, we´re still here and people still play our music. One of the reasons is that we stuck to our original aim: To release exciting music from around the world.

Since Man 01, the “Não Wave – Brazilian Post Punk 1979-1988” compilation, we were especially keen on blending local roots with the global in music, which has become a mega trend in pop and dance music. When we started the label in 2005 the internet was still a privilige of the Northern hemisphere and people were still buying vinyls and CDs.

Since we can´t throw a big celebration for our anniversary due to pandemic restrictions, we decided to put together a compilation with remixes of fifteen tracks from our catalogue. We asked young and upcoming remixers that grew up with the Man Recordings sound over all these years, to put their hand onto selected… more
released November 11, 2020