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Global Entry Vol. 1 by Various Artists

Sol Selectas presents Global Entry, a new compilation series which features 11 original tracks from various artists around the World. While our summer series focuses on the feel good summer time jams, this comp will be an outlet for the even deeper, psychedelic, left-field music, we receive from so many talented producers. The idea is we all enter a new musical dimension , through a unified global portal, a doorway which anyone from our planet is invited to access. The only requirement for admission is originality, emotion, and a funky groove. “Global Entry” grants the listener easy access to this pathway which leads us into the cosmos.

On this first volume have music from Germany, Argentina, Italy, UK, Spain, Russia, Morocco, France, and Israel. We go from downbeat heartfelt melodies, to wild disco, to energetic tribal, to desert grooves, to afro tech, to Balearic beach – all in one orbit.

This comp series is a new outlet for Sabo to continue releasing incredible music that gets submitted for the label. While full EP’s are not always an option, this comp gives new up and coming artists, as well as established ones, an opportunity and platform to share their audio vision, and to be heard by the larger dance music community.

Artwork by Helia Jamali 2020
released March 16, 2020