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Unlocking The Doors of Infinity 004 ft. Karlita Armenta – Music for Yoga Flows

Feeling inspired by this last full moon cycle I decided to continue my mix series “Unlocking the Doors of Infinity”

I started the series last summer with the intention to create mixes for practicing yoga, since then I’ve heard from many people and friends around the world of them being used for ceremonies of all kinds, breath work classes, massages and more… I’m so happy to know there are so many people enjoying these sets that I’ve curated with much love.

This is a mix of some of my favorite downtempo, ambient, and medicine music songs, with a very deep and gentle wave of energy, perfect for starting your day intentionally as I like to do, or anytime you feel to move your attention inwards and practice conscious movement.

For this addition I invited my amazing hermanita @karlita.armenta to share some words to inspire your movement at the beginning of the set. Karla is from Mexico and I told her to let whatever flows from her heart come through, and she channeled a beautiful message for you all. Her words are in Spanish but here is a small part translated into English:


Celebrate the moment, celebrate for no apparent reason, just for the simple reason to be. Celebrate that your body, your temple is a constant flow of life, of possibilities.
You are energy and it must flow, feel your body and move it with totality, without structure, without rules, trusting in what your being needs.

The body is wise and responds to every stimulus, therefore, a conscious, attentive movement that emerges from within heals, unblocks and reconciles.

Awakening the five senses, re-connecting with each part of you, where the mind stops taking control. And when you move like this, you are with you, you are there for you.

Move in such a way that your body feels that it is celebrating the moment, celebrating who you are, celebrating the present, celebrating the flow, the change, celebrating the opportunity, celebrating all that has been done, all that has been lost, all that has been gained, celebrating life, your lifetime.

Perhaps it is the best time to be total, to be enough, to be yourself.”

Thank you Karlita Armenta for your beautiful contribution and @eltripador for your amazing art always!

Hope you enjoy flowing to this music!