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Trans​-​Neptunia by Planet Battagon

Planet Battagon’s ‘Trans-Neptunia’ was recorded over the course of two days by Tugg, on live drums, synth bass, drum synths & FX, in almost full improvisation with associates, Martin Slattery (bass clarinet, alto sax and FX), Oli Savill (percussion), Mickey Ball (trumpet) and Jack Baker (acoustic drums). Avoiding the many pitfalls and cliches of both jazz and electronic music, the group jammed around a number of themes, whilst synth lines were triggered by Tugg making the machines partners in the group jams that laid the foundations of this album.

With previous support from Basement Jaxx, Gilles Peterson, Huw Stephens and the Wire, ‘Trans-Neptunia’ is poised to further establish not only Planet Battagon, but the autonomous right to improvise of all imperfect drum machines.
released October 23, 2020