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THUB · Live session for Radio Chiguiro (France)


THUB live session for Radio Chiguiro (France)

THUB is a Folcore Records artist. More info about THUB:
Folcore Records Website:
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Radio Chiguiro website:

Thub was born as a proposal that fuses historical memory and cultural identity

He conceives the sound from the experimentation between different techniques of musical production, looking for a point between organic sound and electronic sound, has as a base musical rhythms typical of the Caribbean such as cumbia, porro, fandango and some of the pacific as marimba whirlpools, the marima is a typical instrument of this peaceful region.

The special ingredient that places them in the avant-garde context is in charge of the synthesis of waves to create pads, subs and effects that generate a modern atmosphere and as it is said in the Caribbean “gozón”. The power of dub in its purer aspect of riddim is the mystical ingredient that helps to praise Afro-descendant percussions as well as ancestral vocal samples.

THUB is a ship to explore, no doubt