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The Hut by Waldo’s Gift

‘The Hut’ is a perfect introduction to Waldo’s Gift’s vast variety of influences, hurtling from the harmonic and rhythmic sophistication of jazz through to the most cutting edge experimental electronic music – all with the unhinged energy of the most powerful left-leaning rock and metal and packed with the emotion and dynamic range of a full orchestra.

Although birthed from improvisation, The Hut, the new four-track EP and first for Black Acre Records, sees the band take a step away from their improvisatory roots towards a more refined studio sound while retaining the energy and spontaneity of the residency that shaped them. The EP cements Waldo’s Gift’s position as not only one of the most engaging live acts in the UK, but as considered composers, arrangers and producers in their own right.
released October 30, 2020

Produced by: Waldo’s Gift
Mixed by: Oliver Baldwin at J&J Studios
Mastered by: Shawn Joseph at Optimum Mastering
Artwork: Holysseus Fly