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Tanto by Tagua Tagua

Brazilian singer-songwriter Tagua Tagua, aka Felipe Puperi, joins the Wonderwheel Recordings family with the first single from his upcoming sophomore album. “Tanto” – which means “so much” in Portuguese, and also gives the album its name – is a song about falling deeply in love, and being overwhelmed; the song introduces the message and meaning of the rest of the album, like a Shakespearean prologue.

Filled with emotion (even for those who may not understand the Portuguese lyrics), Felipe sings in a melismatic tenor, at times tipping into falsetto, with subtle effects enriching his delivery. Accompanying the vocals are a soft drum line (played by Leo Mattos), guitar, bass, keys, and organ (played by Felipe and the multi-instrumentalist JoJo). The plucked guitar line and held electric piano chords give an open, sparse spaciness to the verses, while the chorus builds with a swelling organ sound that beckons the rest of the band in. Although “Tanto” runs just three and a half minutes, the beautiful and sticky melody will inevitably stay with you for much longer.

Based in São Paulo and formed in 2017, Tagua Tagua is headed by singer-songwriter and producer Felipe Puperi. Felipe, having fronted Wannabe Jalva for several years, has an extensive musical resumé, having played at Lollapalooza Brazil, supported shows for Pearl Jam and Jack White, and received support from KCRW, NY Times, Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan and WFUV. As Tagua Tagua, Felipe has made a name for himself as one of the most promising acts in Brazilian music today, receiving attention not just in his home country, but around the world as well, having been featured on NPR and Remezcla, EA’s FIFA 20, and toured as a supporting act for The Growlers.

After two released EPs, “Tombamento Inevitável” (2017) and “Pedaço Vivo” (2018), Tagua Tagua released their first LP, “Inteiro Metade” in 2020. The album intertwines tropical psychedelia, the principles of Yé-Yé, and the influence of Funk and Soul figures. Dominated by supple melodies and dreamlike timbres, all songs were written and recorded by Felipe himself, mixed by fellow Wannabe Jalva bandmember Tiago Abrahão, and mastered by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, Chet Faker). Recently, Tagua Tagua toured Europe and played several shows at SXSW and along the West coast in the US.

“Tanto” is due out on Brooklyn’s Wonderwheel Recordings on September 23rd, with the eponymous album expected Spring, 2023.

released September 23, 2022