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Southern Dub (feat. Domenico Candellori) by Clap! Clap!

One of Black Acre’s core artists, Clap! Clap! returns to the Bristolian label with a rhythmic single entitled ‘Southern Dub’, featuring the Italian percussionist Domenico Candellori.

Having dropped the bulk of his discography on Black Acre, including a slew of singles and two sublime albums, the genre-blending Italian’s ability to create stunning contemporary electronic music possessing elements of traditional percussion, Latin, Jazz, and more is unrivalled. He now returns to his favourite imprint with ‘Southern Dub’. The track immediately dives into a deep feeling of rural Italy with rattling wood instruments, chiming cymbal hits and distant vocal samples until contemporary beats, pulsing sub-bass and Sitar sounds propel its energy into an after-midnight sonic territory.
released March 18, 2020
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