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SHNGEP03 VARIOUS ARTISTS​-​Shango b2b CasaCaos EP Vol​.​1 by Various artists

He finished the story in four days. He had in it all the pressure that had built while he was writing it and the modest part of him was afraid that it could not possibly be as good as he believed it to be. The cold, hard part knew it was better “How was it today?” the girl asked him. “I finished”. “Can I read it?” “If you want to” “You wouldn’t mind truly?” “It’s in those two cahiers in the top of the suitcase”. He handed her the key and then sat at the bar and drank a whiskey and Perrier and read the morning paper. She came back and sat on a tool a little way down from him and read the story. When she finished in the second time he said “Do you like it?” “It’s not a thing you like or not like” she said “It’s your heart on it?” “Sure”.
We’re delighted to present you the first part of an amazing collaboration with our Brazilian friends at CasaCaos Records. “Shango b2b Casa Caos EP Vol.1” is a superb EP containing six remixes crafted carefully by Shango Records artists for classic tracks of the CasaCaos catalogue. A second part with CasaCaos artists remixes for Shango Records tracks will follow soon. This is made only with true love and everlasting passion by Nubrada, Acanth, MOP, Cristian Monak, Sevn (CA) and Valiterra. It shows a beautiful mountain and telling you how to climb it!
released May 4, 2021