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This is the first, and probably not the last, of the Fairy Of The Lake of many colours. First there was the Blue Fairy, then, people, you asked for more, and we made up the Red Fairy, and, when you wanted more still, the White Fairy was put together. The tracks in the compilation are borrowed from many countries, some are British, some German, some Greek, some Spanish, some French, some Brasilian, one Italian. However much these nations differ about trifles, they all agree in liking fairy tales. The reason, no doubt, is that men were much like children in their minds long ago, long, long ago, and so before they took to writing newspapers, and sermons, and novels, and long poems, they told each other stories, such as you read in the fairy books. They believed that witches could turn people into beasts, that beasts could speak, that magic rings could make their owners invisible, and all the other wonders in the stories. Then, as the world became grown-up, the fairy tales which were not written down would have been quite forgotten but that the old grannies remembered them, and told them to the little grandchildren: and when they, in their turn, became grannies, they remembered them, and told them also. So the new SHANGO RECORDS compilation is entitled “Fairy Of The Lake” and includes eighteen amazing tracks for your personal book of tales. Songs about love, hate, broken dreams, suffocation and holding hands. For the dreamers, the shakers, the moochers and the makers; we are all born of civilised madness, so let’s go with the flow!
released October 31, 2019