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SHNG176 VADIMOOOV​-​Flexible​/​Feeling by VadimoooV

Vadim and his friends walked quietly through the forest. Their steps made a rhythm to the music of forest noises. Vadim’s arms ached from carrying the dreams bowl, but he said nothing. “I can carry the dreams if you are tired,” a friend said. Another friend opened his mouth to protest when he heard, “Let him, old man. It’s his way of saying he’s not angry anymore.” He closed his mouth and looked at the dreams bowl and then at Vadim. He stood, waiting, clearly ignorant of the words. He handed the bowl to his friend. “If it gets heavy, I can take it back.” he said. “We can take turns,” He said, nodding. His friend was carrying the dreams bowl when the night fell and they came back home to the village. The neighbors saw their return and all crowded around as if they were selling good luck. “Did you find where the mountains meet?” they asked. “Where is this place? Where did you get a dreams bowl?” VadimoooV is carrying feelings and dreams in his own arms. This is his first offering for Shango Records. These two tracks can help you feel the night and its sounds. Akuba, Emrat and Lakuru are taking a step closer to your deeper dreams.

released August 21, 2022