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SHNG121 RAMYEN – Talowendi EP by RAMYEN

Many, many years ago the Sun and the Moon lived together on the earth. Water was their best friend and they often came to see him. But water never went to see the Sun and the Moon in their house. “Why don’t you come to see us?” the Sun once asked him. “I have too many friends,” Water answered, “they will come with me. I’m afraid there will be no place for them in your house”. “But I shall build a new big house,” the Sun said. And the Sun built a very big house and then asked Water to come to him. Water came with all the fish and water animals. “May I come in with all my people?” Water asked. “Yes, come in,” the Sun said. Very soon Water in the house was knee-deep for the Sun. Then in a minute Water was up to the Sun’s head and came higher and higher with all the fish and water animals. At last Water was so high in the house that the Sun and the Moon went on to the roof and sat there. But soon Water came up on to the roof. What could the Sun and the Moon do? Where could they sit? And they went up to the sky. They liked the place and began to live there. Ramyen lives in the land of Peter Pan. This is his first offering for Shango Records. These three tracks can bring shining stars into a dark night. Arkadyan and Absentune are Peter Pan’s friends.
released April 30, 2021