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SHNG118 EMRAT – Dum Dum​/​Phoebe by SHANGO RECORDS

It was high time we were leaving. The city looked different in the early morning light. The last thing we talked about, as we stood there waiting for the train to pull out, was love and dreams. The three of us were strange humans. We came from different places, each of us, but we had something in common – a whole lot, I might say. We were getting sentimental, as strange humans do when it comes time to part. We were getting quite foolish about the cows and sheep and the big open spaces where men are men and all that crap. If a boat had swung along instead of the train we’d have hopped aboard and said good-bye to it all. But Collins was never to see our place again, as I learned later, and Fillmore… well, Fillmore has to take his punishment too, in a way that none of us could have suspected then. It’s best to keep our place just like that, always in the background, a sort of picture post card which you look at in a weak moment. Like that, you imagine it’s always there waiting for you, unchanged, unspoiled, a big patriotic open space with cows and sheep and tenderhearted men ready to bugger everything in sight, man, woman or beast. Dreams and love doesn’t exist. Its only names you give to an abstract idea. Emrat lives with his dreams in a forgotten place. This is his first offering for Shango Records. These two tracks can bring love to a festival of colors. BIGz and Vooz Brothers leave the ice house and turn love into dreams.
released April 1, 2021