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I always hatted being photographed until i was caught in the eye of a typhoon curiously named Manji, which has now dissapeared somewhere in the Japanese Sea. I hated it, yes, although there was a picture of me i cherished and proudly displayed in my Tokyo garconniere. This photograph had been taken in 1979 in Mount Hotaka, thousands of miles away from my native Normandy, in a place called Gamadafuji, once a flourishing Haida indian village, now an overgrown ghost palace of stunning beauty and frightening elegance. A few totem poles were still standing, which had been burial posts hundreds of years before. No one could tell what was the fruit of the carver’s craft from what was nature’s enchanted tribute. Nor could I. I felt both ill at ease and privileged to be here, facing Sakhalin, the unwelcome host to a land i had been dreaming of for a seemingly endless year.
“Where were you?”
“In Gamadafuji”
“Oh….And Where is that?”
“I don’t Know. I Flew there”
You cannot challenge the beauty of “1000 Cranes EP”. This is something that is unbeatable and stands out as an amazing piece of work. Mikado Koko is here again and delivers deep waves of transcendental ecstasy.
released September 30, 2019