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The train runs along the sea for a time, then cuts inland. We pass tall fields of corn, grapevines, tangerine trees growing on terraced hills. An occasional irrigation pond sparkles in the sunlight. A river winding through a flat stretch of land looks cool and inviting, an empty lot is overgrown with summer grasses. At one point we pass a dog standing by the tracks, staring vacantly at the train rushing by. Watching this scenery makes me feel warm and calm all over again. You’re going to be okay, I tell myself, taking a deep breath. All you can do is forge on ahead. At the station I follow the map and walk north past rows of old stores and houses. Both sides of the street are lined with walls around people’s homes. I’ve never seen so many different kinds–black walls made out of boards, white walls, granite block walls, stone walls with hedges on top. The whole place is still and silent, with no one else on the street. Hardly any cars pass by. The air smells like the sea, which must be nearby. I listen carefully but can’t hear any waves. Far off, though, I hear the smooth sounds of a gorgeous song and as the sound comes closer I feel like it was heaven again. This is the new SHANGO RECORDS EP and comes by KURT ADAM. Three Downtempo original tracks with amazing Turkish-Electronica influences. You can’t get lost with these!
released September 20, 2019

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