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Savage & SHē live at Volcano Popocatépetl, Mexico for Cafe De Anatolia

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➤ Savage & SHē live at Volcano Popocatépetl, Mexico for Cafe De Anatolia [Afro House & Organic House Set]

➤ Who are Savage & Shē ?
☛ Cristiano and Sheena Savage are not just DJ’s, they are an experience. Based in Tulum, Mexico, they are known for their melodic, tribal, afro-tech vibes & infectious grooves. These two talented composers came together in 2015 to create the musical duo Savage & SHē.

☛ Sharing a passion for audio Savage & SHē site record many of the sounds used in their releases. They combine turntables, percussion, vocals and other unique instruments to create an eclectic Savage & SHē hybrid experience. When they aren’t creating music , they balance their days between breathwork, fitness and meditation in nature.

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➤ What is Volcano Popocatépetl?? – learn with Cafe De Anatolia
Popocatépetl is an active stratovolcano located in the states of Puebla, Morelos, and Mexico in central Mexico. It lies in the eastern half of the Trans-Mexican volcanic belt. At 5,426 m it is the second highest peak in Mexico, after Citlaltépetl at 5,636 m.


➤ Video Shooting by Ikal Project

[00:00] Savage & SHē – Paraxka (Original Mix) – Wired Label
[07:45] Savage & SHē, Black8 – Ivy (Original Mix) – The Soundgarden
[14:20] Savage & SHē – Puerta Alma (Original Mix) – Wired Label
[20:00] Savage & SHē, Drahm – Verde (Original Mix) – Unreleased
[27:13] Savage & SHē – Fantasma (Original Mix) – Wired Label
[33:40] Savage & SHē – Eterno Obscuro (Original Mix) – The Soundgarden
[41:10] Savage & SHē – North Coast (Original Mix) – Unreleased
[47:30] Savage & SHē – Gaya (Original Mix) – Unreleased
[54:10] Savage & SHē – Samba (Original Mix) – Unreleased
[1:01:0] Savage & SHē – Memento (Original Mix) Cafe De Anatolia

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