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SAHEL Remix EP by Rolv.K & Pekodjinn (NÜFRIKA)

After a well received first EP on Lowup records, Nüfrika (Pekodjinn & Rolv.K) are back with a remix EP.
First up is Kensaye, a London based producer, DJ & radio host. Here at Lowup we’ve been quite a fan of his production work lately. He takes on ‘Tsévié’ giving it a slightly rougher feel and adding some percussion as well. Great track to start the party.
Next up is DJ Dannifox with ‘Premier Sentier’. He turns the original intro track into a 6 minute workout fusing elements of deep house and what we came to know as the Lisbon sound. A highly addictive, deep and trance inducing workout, adding some lush vocals as well. Danifox is part of the Tia Maria Produções (Principe discos).
For the next remix we remain in Portugal, Pedro takes on ‘Onsian’. This Enchufada collaborator with a freshly released album, stays close to the original while adding his personal touch. The result is a smooth afro baile dance track, just as we like ‘em.
Lowups own Max Le Daron remixes ‘Fayudan’. Adding some bass and thus giving it a more Uk flavour. Also be on the look out for his album, due soon on Akwaaba.
released May 29, 2020

Cover by Klhaz remixed by Mellow
Mastering by TenEightSeven

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