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SAHEL EP by Rolv.K x Pekodjinn (NÜFRIKA)

NÜFRIKA is the new project by Rolv.K & Pekodjinn, we’re proud & happy to present their first release the SAHEL EP.

Born out of weekly meetings between two friends: Rolv.K & Pekodjinn. The SAHEL EP is is all about creating connections. A connection between them, a connection between the past, through traditional sounds and a more contemporary club aesthetic and finally a geographical connection between Rolv.K’s country of origin Sierra Leone (West Africa) and Tunisia (North Africa), where Pekodjinn’s roots lay, hence the name SAHEL EP.
Their debut EP started of as an organic and quite rough sounding jam. Voices and percussions were recorded on the go and the aim was to keep a natural feel. The result however is a smooth urban sound that sits well with the worldwide global club sound.

First up is Premier Sentier, an organic and raw sounding intro. Recorded percussion and raw voices brings us instantly in the right mood and vibe.

Tsévié was the production that started this EP, this marimba workout is one for the dancefloor. Tsévié is also the name of a city in the south of Togo. The name was given by members of the Adja-Ewe language group who fled the dictatorship of King Agokoli… more
released September 13, 2019

Cover by Klhaz
Mastering by TenEightSeven