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S​̄​̂​mt​ả​g Exp (CMR​-​32) by DOTT, Ground

Mid-May 2019, a collaborative song by Thai producer Dott and Ground
Produced in DOTT’s home studio near Bangkok, Thailand.

Ground 2019年5月、タイでのGig&滞在の際にタイ人Producer DOTTのバンコック近郊のホームスタジオにて共同制作。

Produced by
DOTT ( )

Ground ( )

Mastered By
Kabamix ( )

Artwork By
Mt.chills ( )

released July 3, 2020

DOTT -Bio-

Although his sound is constantly evolving, DOTT interests is stapled to music
for dancing. The approach in both his production and DJ sets is rooted in love
for deep house and minimal, combining indelible bassline grooves with an
intoxicating analogue sound palette.
As an integral player in Bangkokʼs expanding underground house and techno
scene, he has played in some of the cities key venues such as BEAM, Glow,
Safe Room and De Commune. His reputation has spread across the dance
music scene network from clubs to festivals bringing his unique style to
Singaporeʼs Headquarters, Epizode Festival, TAG Chengdu, HoppeTosse,
Wonderfruit Festival, Montreux Jazz Festival, Karma Kastle and a few of illegal
and secret parties
He has played alongside the likes of Craig Richards, Roman Flügel, Maayan
Nidam, DJ Masda, James Dean Brown, Dandy Jack, Thomas Melchior, Sonja
Moonear, Archie Hamilton, Alexi Delano and Eric Volta to name but a few. More
recently he has toured Europe, bringing his sound to Paris, Lausanne. Brussels,
Berlin, Warsaw. As a producer he has released on Body Parts, Oblack, Little
Helpers, Whoyostro, Baile Musik as well as his own imprint More Rice and many more

( )