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Religar by Mateo Kingman


With his new sound, Mateo Kingman turns snake and constantly sheds his skin. After the successful debut album “Respira”, he’s back with more vocal power and poetry. “Religar” is our first glimpse of a more mature, honest Mateo, searching within for new sonic destinations. Experimenting, rhyming, putting it all together to take it all apart. He moves us, he makes us move, and gets right under our skin.

“Religar” is the first single from Mateo Kingman’s new album, set for a 2019 release. A blend of profound, cosmic lyrics with cutting edge, eclectic production, synths exploring organic beats and melodies. “Religar” means “putting the parts back together again, returning to unity after it’s all fallen apart.” The track will be available on all digital platforms on October 30.

The video was directed by filmmaker Ana Cristina Barragán. Mateo approached her because “she has a sensitive outlook when it comes to dealing with tough subjects. She’s very subtle. We connected on a very deep level when it came down to writing the script and also when we edited the material. Ana directed three and a half minutes of overwhelming, authentic feelings about getting back to the essence of who you are.”

The video was shot in Quito and in Valle de los Chillos, Ecuador. Ana Cristina comments “it’s a portrayal of a group of teenagers whose faces and bodies betray an inner wound that can’t be seen, but it can be felt. Through caring for each other, through dance, disturbing games and snakes, these teens vent with a sensation of abandonment and freedom, attaining a new state of euphoria, reconnecting with each other and with their own essence.”

On working with Mateo, the director said “he invited me to direct this project. He’s a very sensitive, very perceptive artist. We wrote the script together and I had all the freedom I needed in the direction process. There was a strong bond of trust between the two of us. Directing a music video is different to directing a film, but I liked working with the feelings that this powerful melody and lyrics inspired in me. As well as the creation of the visual universe, there was some deep rehearsal work and a search for authentic feelings that somehow gets through to the viewer.”

Watch the video here:

Mateo Kingman’s second album promises to be a deep journey into sound

With this second album, Kingman goes on a journey from the conception of the human being as a separate entity. He goes through the tough task of accepting that we have neither control over nor responsibility for our existence. And then he reaches the peak moment of the disappearance of the ego, becoming part of the cosmos, part of the whole, to finally return to the earthly realm, as a human once again, but more present, vital, and with a new knowledge: “We are an infinite thread of colors in the grand project.”
released October 30, 2018