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On the Roof of Imagination: A live Improvised Sound Healing Journey

On the Roof of Imagination is a Sound Healing Journey that I originally created to be performed as a meditation at the end of Ecstatic Dances. This time I performed it as a meditation in itself to celebrate the Winter Solstice, Christmas, and the beginning of a new year for my good friends at Imagination Hostel in Arambol, Goa, India.

The ambiences you hear during the journey are a collection of recordings that I’ve gathered over the last 2 years while traveling. Each holds the energy of a powerful place or moment. You can hear birds at sunrise on a lake in the mountains of Canada, Argan seeds in my hands in the south of Morocco, gentle waves under the full moon from the Indian Ocean in Kerela and more. You can also hear clips of the Sasak villagers of Lombok, Indonesia, singing and laughing, as well as parts of the traditional sunset ceremony at the Uluwatu temple in Bali. I’ve blended together all of these elements to create an ambience that captures and emanates a part of what I have experienced on my journey.

Everything about this performance is completely improvised… I take in the energy of the moment and my surroundings and channel it directly into the music.

You can hear the full journey and download it for free on my Soundcloud page 🙂

The native flute I play in the beginning and the end was handmade by friend @masterskayfleit (you can find him and his epic flutes on Instagram!)

If you ever come to Arambol, be sure to check out the Imagination Hostel, it’s one of the most special hostels I’ve stayed in since I started travelling over 3 years ago:

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