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No Me Da Pena by Mancha ‘E Plátano

For Mancha ‘E Plátano, la bomba is a transformative exercise, a way for this group of transplanted young women to teleport to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, and step into the land of their birth, la isla de encanta, Puerto Rico. Bomba has become a way to be in two places at once for them, a tool of expression in their adopted city of Barcelona, itself a Mediterrean melting pot filled with diverse cultures and countless musical influences. Formed in 2018, the group has been studying and performing the bomba tradition alongside an adoring collective of multi-national musicians and collaborators, strengthening their reverential pride in this uniquely Caribbean cultural tradition. Their debut release was produced and recorded together with Names You Can Trust while in Barcelona at Nación Funk Studios, and contains one original composition, “No Me Da Pena,” and one traditional, “Remigio Tombé.” This balance of tradition and new growth represents their life and musical movements within the bustling borders of Barcelona. It is also a dedication to all those who are constantly fighting for their own representation and a thank you to those who have accompanied these talented women on their journey thus far, both on and off the island of Puerto Rico.
released February 26, 2021

Marina Molina: Lead Voice / Tambor Primo / Maraca
Daniela Torres: Voice / Tambor Buleador
Isadora López: Voice / Dance
Ambar Rosado: Voice / Cua

“No Me Da Pena” written by Ángela Flecha.
“No Me Da Pena” & “Remigio Tombé” arranged by Marina Molina.
Engineered by Miguelito Superstar & Eric Banta
at Nación Funk Studio, Barcelona. October 2019.
Produced & Mixed by Eric Banta.
Mastered by Frank Merritt at The Carvery, London.
Photography by Mariano Anton.
Cover Illustration by Tomás Olivos.
Additional layout by Little Dynasty.

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