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MUX vol​.​5 [tarde] by VA

Being able to be assumed as the most radical humankind’s intervention in the landscape, the city is generically a cluster of buildings, processes and people. According to United Nations, almost two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050. Thus, cities are the places where people live most of the time, but they should not be understood only as material urban heritage, otherwise, where would the driving forces coming from solidarity social relations fit in? Modestly, we took the theme of cities as an incentive to venture into the real world experiences and to celebrate the label’s fifth year anniversary date. The compilation maintains the weekly release format and has three sub-themes: ‘manhã’ (morning), ‘tarde’ (afternoon) and ‘noite’ (night). Each one bringing the interpretations of the artists to the different situations of the city as the activities unfold during a whole day.

To a limited extent, humans depend on cities for the civilizing process. The space where people move, whether by car or on foot, is the dizzying essence of all this cultural dimension that allows the humanization of cities. It is the space where we meet, where we dream, where we sit, where we talk, where we express ourselves collectively. Stage for everyday life and also for… more
released August 19, 2020

Artwork\ Bruno Blancato

Master\ Murillo Faleiros