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Mondocane – Madreselva | Folktrónica ▲ Downtempo ▲ Worldmusic


This song is part of ‘Botanique’, a concept album dedicated to the wonderful world of plants, which are the first ever travelers on planet earth.

Lonicera caprifolium also known as Madreselva or Honeysuckle, has always been connected to love. Though it was already known and experienced in the past by Greeks and Romans, it had its greatest popularity during the Middle Ages when it was inserted to symbolize one of the most beautiful and painful love stories of the time, namely that of Tristan and Isotta. This plant is also used in traditional Chinese medicine, for which Madreselva is able to strengthen libido and sexual potency.

Mondocane is a music alchemist who’s been shaking the Italian scene for the past twenty years melting world music with urban beats. With a psychedelic tribal twist, a personal mixture of slow techno, acid sounds, organic and worldwide sampling, he explores in a feverish trip around the future sound of the global dancefloor.


Direction & Editing: Azzurra Baste
DoP & VFX: Bogdan Melinte
Color Correction: Efisio Scanu (Purple Neon Lights)
Performers: Alice Bella & Lily Swarovski
Body Painting: Niko Marinelli (Visionaria Art Community)
Body Projection: Nicola Pavone aka VJ Luper